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Winnie Marr, BRCP, PhD, BSc (Hons)

Electrocrystal Therapist

Winnie is an energy medicine practitioner in London and Hertfordshire and provides electrocrystal therapy at Sue's House.
Winnie has a medical science background, having worked as a clinical research scientist prior to specialising in complementary medicine.
Electrocrystal therapy was developed by the British scientist, Harry Oldfield over 30 years ago and is based on the healing properties of electromagnetic (sound) frequencies found naturally in the body, used together with crystals to amplify the healing benefits.
Electrocrystal therapy has been used at Sue's House for many years to help support people with cancer and other illnesses. Many have reported benefits from this natural non-invasive therapy, including reduced pain/discomfort, improved energy, calmness and well-being.
The therapy, which is popular with the regulars at Sue's House is safe and has no no known side effects and does not interfere with any medication/treatment.
How does the therapy work?
At our most basic level we are pure energy. Around us and permeating our body is energy field or 'aura', which is prone to imbalances.
Energy medicine practitioners believe these imbalances can give rise to disease and that it's important to keep the energy field balanced for health and inner harmony.
In electrocrystal therapy the energy field scanned using natural body frequencies to detect the presence of any imbalances. A treatment programme is then selected consisting of specific re-balancing frequencies. Tubes of crystals are placed over the areas of the body to be treated and the required frequencies are then gently pulsed through the crystal tubes, to help restore balance to the energy field. During the treatment most people feel deeply relaxed.
To find out more about electrocrystal therapy and how it may help you as part of your overall treatment plan, contact Winnie or Cathy.