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Cathy Hammond
Cathy has been at Sue's House for 14 years as a healer, a member of the Registered Essex Healer's Association.
Cynthia Staunton
Cynthia has been healing since the early 90's and joined Sue's House since 2006. This has helped me cope better with my own experience of cancer and bereavement.

Pat Bull
Pat trained as a healer at Gables in Brentwood for 10 years and joined Sue's House nine years ago.
Kevin Kelly
Kevin has worked as a healer in Romford and Islington and currently at Sue's House, where he served as a healer and a helper for more than 20 yeas.
Suhaila Tauheed
Suhaila has 14 years experience as a psycotherapist counsellor and has been trained in different areas of psychology.
Winnie Marr, BRCP, PhD, BSc (Hons)
Electrocrystal Therapist
Winnie is an energy medicine practitioner in London and Hertfordshire and provides electrocrystal therapy at Sue's House.
Ann Catchpole
Nutrition Consultant
For the last 15 years, Ann has been supplying Nutrition Advice and Aloe Vera drinks and topical products to Sue's House as a Nutrition Consultant, as well as personal guidance in using them to enable a greater sense of well-being.